Why the world needs leaders


Growing up your conditioned to think that going to school prepares you for the real world but then you graduate from High School or College and something happens, reality hits you square in the face like a baseball bat smashing a ball.  You quickly realize that all those years of formal education didn’t prepare you at all for what you now face, never mind even thinking about being a leader.  You’ve been conditioned through the media and school that a leader is someone who is famous, on tv, in a book or has a title BUT in my reality most leaders today don’t have titles.

A true leader Inspires, Assists, Guides, Supports, Mentors and Leads by Example making a positive Impact in this world while leaving tracks for generations to come.

No longer does top down leadership like we have all been conditioned to think cut it anymore, just like a formal education doesn’t guarantee anything in your life except a great big heap of debt when you graduate, in addition to anxiety and depression because now you don't know what you are going to do with your life.

Connecting with people on a deeper level is more important today than ever before in our history, especially when interpersonal communication is disintegrating at a rapid pace because of our use of smart phones, computers, text messaging and social media. 

Now more than ever a new kind of leader has to emerge from the ground up armed with the essential life skills to connect, impact and succeed in this ever changing world.  

Stepping into your vision

Vision=An Expression of Our Purpose

Why purpose? Purpose is the driving force, without it your vision is meaningless.

What is the purpose of the Honey Bee?  A majority of people would say to make Honey and your right, a Bee might tell you Honey too.  The real purpose is to pollenate flowers because it’s a vital part of the ecosystem!  If a Honey Bee decided to sit down and try to figure out what his purpose was instead of flying around what would happen?  The real purpose of the Honey Bee wouldn’t get accomplished because he was to busy trying to figure it out instead of just going and doing what he was born to do, make honey!  Now because he takes action his purpose now gets accomplished.

What is your purpose and are you ready to take the action required to reach it?

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