What does success mean to you?


The Merriam-Webster dictionary definition of “success” is: The attainment of wealth, favor, or eminence. When most people judge whether someone is successful or not, they look at their position, their income and their material possessions: Are they someone’s boss? Is their salary six figures? Do they have a big house? Do they have a flashy car? 

Being successful is often equated to vast amounts of riches, hitting the top of a corporate ladder, or standing at the head of an entrepreneurial empire. It’s important to recognize, though, that someone’s idea of success is highly personal. 

In reality, success means different things to different people. It really doesn’t matter what position you’ve reached or what possessions you have – what matters is that you have achieved happiness, fulfillment, abundance, whatever those terms mean to you. 

To me, success is in living my dreams – even those that might seem impossible to other people. 

As an entrepreneur, it’s in building a far-reaching Podcast and Online Coaching Program which is creating a paradigm shift in my industry.  

As a husband and father, it’s in nurturing my family and, in partnership with my wife, providing my children with a loving home where they can learn how to shape their own dreams. 

Overall, it’s about being inspired to work towards something bigger than myself. Motivation fades over time. Being inspired is a flame deep down inside your core being that will never burn out. 

Welcome to a state of Limitless Possibilities, Now Go LIVE IT!