How to Practice Positive Affirmations


Forming positive affirmations is sometimes called constructive imagination. When you construct your affirmations, you want to identify exactly what it is that you want to develop and strengthen, then attach positive emotions to it.

So how do you write and use them? First, make sure your affirmations are specific and in the present tense. The most important point when constructing them is to make sure you write them as if you are already achieving the result.

I suggest starting out with just a few, then adding more over time, and not making them too long – no longer than a couple of lines. Your affirmations should be practiced upon waking and right before you fall asleep at night, because that is when your mind is quiet and relaxed. I make this part of my daily High Performance Plan, as you’ll see in the final step.

Crucially, make sure you don’t just read them. You have to feel deep inside that you have already achieved the affirmation. Let’s look at some examples of my personal positive affirmations – you’ll notice the stark contrast to the limiting beliefs we looked at earlier!

  • I love helping people. I help billions of people worldwide through,, &
  • I love exercising my mind, body and soul every day. I am in great health. Training MMA, rebounding, high-performance breathing, cold water immersion and working out make me feel well-rounded and accomplished. The benefits I receive from these five practices are incredible. I feel amazing every day.
  • Success, wealth, prosperity and abundance come to me easily. Success, wealth, prosperity and abundance flow to me from every direction – it exhilarates me!
  • I love finishing projects. I wake up with determination and go to bed feeling a sense of accomplishment every day.
  • I believe in myself and focus solely on my vision. My thoughts and actions shape my reality, catapulting me towards my vision.
  • I live in the moment. I am present and live my life in the moment because I know a new future is available right now!

Affirmations Exercise

I want you to take a piece of paper or open a new document on your computer and write down the limiting beliefs that are holding you back. Trace these to their root and understand what influences have made you think that way. Now, draw a line through each of them. Cross them out – even rip out the page or delete them completely if you’re using a word processor – and don’t think about them again.

On a fresh page, write down your own set of affirmations. Go through them as many times as you need to throughout your day, making sure not to skip the two most important times of day – before falling asleep and upon waking. As you’ll see when you get to experience a day in my life in the final step, I even go through them when I’m exercising!