How to Know When To Trust Your Gut (and When Not To)

Follow these 3 tried and true tips to learn how to uncover what your instincts are telling you and use them when faced in a difficult decision making situation.

There’s a reason we encourage people to do this – our gut is on our side. It’s the mouthpiece for our inner self, which obviously wants the best for us, and it’s picked up on signs and signals so quickly that they haven’t yet been articulated as messages in our conscious mind. We end up just knowing something without knowing the root cause. 

Your intuition is your body’s own personal security system, and has been hardwired into you through thousands of years of evolution. It is part of your subconscious. It is just something that knows without knowing how.

What Is Your Intuition Telling You


The conscious and unconscious minds are often likened to an iceberg, with the conscious mind being the part sitting above the water, dealing with our awareness and rational decisions, and the unconscious mind sitting below the water – the larger mass.

This is where our unconscious beliefs reside, along with our memories, stored experiences and knowledge. And this is the part of us that guides our intuition.

You owe it to yourself to listen to that internal voice. It tells us when something is just not right. It talks to us by sending us feelings to experience, often in our gut.

Use Listening Ears

I started to hear that little voice in my gut way back in high school. I didn’t understand it back then, but I had access to feelings that many people don’t even acknowledge exist. 

This has led me to where I am today, because I have always listened to that little voice, no matter what road it has brought me down.  

My mind always thought it was crazy, but my heart and soul knew where I was going. 

Turn On Your Gps

Your intuition is like a built-in navigation system, leading to where you are supposed to be in life at a specific moment. 

The problem with this navigation system is that it doesn’t always take you down the paved road that many others, including your logical brain, think it should. 

Just think of the Kevin Costner movie, Field of Dreams. In the film, Costner’s character started hearing a voice saying, ‘If you build it, he will come.’ What did he build? A baseball field, and he had to tear out rows of corn on his farm to do it.