Training with Resistance Bands for Optimal Health & Performance with Dave Schmitz

In this ReWired Academy Podcast I interview Dave “The Band Man” Schmitz of Resistance Band Training to give you some insight about flat resistance bands to help keep increase your performance and health.

In this episode I cover the following:
•    Benefits of Resistance Bands for your health and personal safety
•    Differences with Resistance Bands compared to everything else
•    Force Vectors
•    Why muscles are dumb
•    Resistance Bands in relation to MMA
•    Reaction vs Contraction
•    What happens first before any movement
•    Tubular bands vs Flat resistance bands
•    Why everyone isn’t using bands
•    How bands help with range of motion
•    Lengthening muscles
•    Stabilization with bands
•    Muscles being 3-dimensional
•    Who are the most ripped athletes & why
•    Performance & Function
•    How bands help with preventing injuries